Russian Doors Market

Current State and Prospects

As of 2021, the volume of doors production was more than 10% higher than in 2020. Starting from the second quarter of 2022, door production decreased by appr. 15% (more in some segments). The reason for this was both general uncertainty and the need to find new suppliers. While generally there were no problems with the raw materials’ supply in this sector, certain difficulties arose with the acquisition of imported protective coatings and fittings. About a half of these items were supplied from Europe, and in the current conditions, their delivery to the Russia is associated with logistical difficulties influencing the final product price.

Nowadays some of the European components have been successfully replaced by analogues from China, India, and Turkey. Moreover, some Russian brands moved production to China in the early 2010s which made it possible to reduce or minimize dependence on European suppliers. However, the demand for alternatives to European fittings, locks and protective coatings is still high, which opens the opportunities for new market participants – both Russian and international.

Equipment to produce doors (laser water jet, bending and welding), spare parts and consumables remains also very important. Russian door manufacturers are in greatest need of these products driving new foreign suppliers, especially Chinese and Turkish, to the market.

European manufacturers exit from the market had the greatest impact on the premium door segment. Expensive models made of high-quality materials and featured with modern protection systems were supplied from Italy, Spain, and Germany. Now the cost of such products has increased by at least 40–50%. Therefore, local and foreign manufacturers have a chance to gain a foothold in the premium segment.

It is also necessary to note an important factor that has a direct impact on the door market – the volume of current and future construction, which is relevant for both residential and commercial real estate. Currently, more than 130 million square meters of housing and about 34 million sq. m of commercial and civil real estate are under construction. According to experts, if the current growth rate (3–5%) is maintained, by 2025 the volume of real estate under construction will exceed 180 million square meters.

Doors market
Doors at the MosBuild exhibition

MosBuild is a sales driver in the door market

Now, in conditions of transformation of various segments of construction and finishing materials’ market established partnerships are of high importance. The largest industry event – MosBuild, the International Building and Interiors Trade show – will help to consolidate preliminary agreements and find new customers. In 2023, the show was attended by 80,696 visitors almost half (48.3%) of whom directly influence procurement procedures.

In the Doors and Locks section of MosBuild exhibitors present doors for various purposes (moisture-resistant, entrance, interior, industrial), locks, fittings, seals, security systems and much more. In 2023, 22,456 specialists (29% of the total number of visitors) were interested in the section’s products: 7,180 represented design and architecture, 6,819 – wholesale and retail trade, 3,977 – construction and design companies.

Doors and Locks
Russian Doors Market

Join the Doors and Locks section at MosBuild 2024 section to showcase the potential customers your products, find new partners among distribution, trade, and construction companies.

MosBuild 2024 will be held on May 13–16, 2024 in Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia.