SSWW at MosBuild 2023

SSWW is one of the one-stop sanitary ware supplier

SSWW is the Brand for Sanitary ware since 1994, entered to Russian market since 2001, well known to the market since Massage bathtub and Steam room. With more than 10 years learn Russian market, SSWW have 30% market share here but keep expending more items for Russian market.

SSWW with high reputation for products design and good quality sanitary wares has been recognized by the international quality system. Its main products: toilet, wash basin, free-standing bathtub, massage bathtub, steam room, shower cabin, faucets, shower mixer and bathroom vanities.

ssww bathtub side view
bath ssww top view

You will see the next items by SSWW on MosBuild 2023:

Free-standing bath

With stregth advantage for producing bathtubs, expand with mixed color of bathtub basic on the good quality, and the free-standing bathtub can be stacked package instead of traditional individual package, save the loading space and storage spaces.

Vortex flushing toilet

New wall-hung toilet with vortex flushing function, better way for washing toilet pan with less water. The flushing flow likes a swirl take away all dirty things easily.

Besides the function innovation, it comes with different color to match with your bathroom decoration, such as: Matt Black, Matt White, Glossy White, Matt Dark Grey. Other colors can be customized.

Melamine wash basin

It is a new kind of material use for sanitary wares. Melamine is a material made of a chemical compound that is organic-based and nitrogen-rich. Its durable and heat-resistant qualities make it perfect for producing strong plastic dinnerware, laminates, and glues. SSWW create melamine wash basins.

It is uneasy broken, but easily clean even though with corrosive liquid. It surfaces with high hardness, not afraid of fire, convenient for transportation, and easy made multi-color as what you want.

Heated towel rack

Heated towel rack with electronic, humanized design, simple and easy-to-understand functions, suitable for the elderly and children, drying and antibacterial, safe, power-saving, elegant style, optional surface color, easy installation.

SSWW Electronic heated towel rack using superior carbon fiber heating, dry heating is safer and longer, and the heating life can last for 20 years. It is new bathroom sensations used for drying clothes, towels, etc. in the bathroom.


59% brass faucet for bathroom and Superior #304 SUS water tap for Kitchen.

SSWW not just stay in the step on Bathroom wares, but also would like to expendid the high-quality products with Kitchen wares. The specialists of company notice that the water from kitchen should be safer than from bathroom because kitchen is the place we cook and eat something directly from the kitchen, the SUS kitchen faucets keep us away of risk of the Zinc.

Shower sets

The big size Rain shower and hand shower with strong but soft waterflow, cleaning the working tired both from your body and your heart. Enjoy the moment and the privacy space with water.

Sanitary Series item

The company has not only prepared a series of new products for dealers, but also prepared a series of overall bathroom combinations for chain stores and large building materials supermarkets. At the MosBuild 2023 exhibition, there will be serialized color and design serialized bathroom combinations.

SSWW is highly raised by reputation in both domestic and overseas markets. With international certification such as CE/ETL /ACES/RoHS ect. SSWW products are being exported to over 107 countries and regions. As focus on R&D of sanitary ware for over 28 years, and committed to producing high-quality sanitary ware, SSWW is not just a brand name, but a guarantee of quality.

Come to the SSWW booth at MosBuild 2023 to discuss more details: A2013, Hall 5, Pavilion 2.

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